Shorten the replica watch band

Shorten your replica watch band?

Replacing your replica watch band is very easy. With a handy watchbands shortener or just at home with tweezers or screwdriver. Most replica watch links are attached with the so-called push pins that are kept in place by holes, in the links of the watch. Of course it can also occur that pins are fixed with a turn screw. Then you can easily loosen the links with a small screwdriver.

  1. Shorten your replica watch band? Place your watchband in the watchbands shortener. Look in which direction the arrow points to the back of your watch band. In that direction, you must push the pushpin out.
  2. Turn the device until the pin comes out far enough and take out the pushpin, possibly with tweezers. Then do this for the number of links you want to have.
  3. When attaching the links, ensure that you attach the pushpin as indicated by the arrow.

The small pegs in the link keep the different links together. These pins can only be expressed to one side. Almost always, by means of a small arrow, it is indicated to which side a pin has to be expressed. In the photo example below it is clearly visible that the arrows indicate that the pin for the viewer must be expressed to the left (above)

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